What payment do you accepted?

Currently we accept Paypal and Westernion, and Strip will be available soon, which allows us to accept all kind of payments: credit cards or direct payment through a PayPal account.

FAQs of Custom-made Champions rings

  • Why custom-made rings starts at $485.00?

Customizing from the original rings with inside engraving and side-face Name & Number starts at USD185 only, but a fully custom made champions rings starts at USD485.00. the extra fees mostly come from the 3D design drawing and 3D printer moulding. Besides, as you may know that every new design needs a new moulding and it is not going to reuse again.That’s why we offer discount if you have more than one ring.

  • Can I cancelled the order if not satisfied with your 3d drawing?

YES,  you can cancel the order if not satisfied with our 3D drawing and you will get fully refund,the refund takes within 3 working days as usual.